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Gaining Clarity, Vision & Passion

Your time is precious and it’s important that you get some serious bang for your buck.  Whether you are a visionary, C-suite executive, entrepreneur or a world leader, having clarity is a must.  Through the process of grounding, defining and articulating as we walk, we’ll ensure that you leave more relaxed, clearer about your vision and mission, and are ready to take action!

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Moving from Dream to Reality

No matter when or where the creative juices flow for you, it’s challenging when a deadline looms and you’re not quite where you want to be.  Moving with a muse enables you to set aside distraction and limiting beliefs, while promoting creative flow.  The combination of walking in nature and the positive energy of the muse allows you to reach that goal MUCH easier than if you attempt to do so on your own, whether in front of a screen, a tablet, a canvas, a lens, or on a stage.


Out of the Office Consultation

Gaining insight through psychotherapy isn’t for everyone.  Developing a trusting relationship with a consultant in our Come Walk with Me program enables you to clearly express your thoughts, feelings, and personal approach in a much more comfortable and fluid setting.   As you walk and talk, you may find that emotions are more easily accessed and released, leaving you freed up to better connect and communicate with others.  Enhanced connection, fewer distractions, and less negative self-talk promote creativity, confidence, empowerment and success!

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