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Getting Unstuck

We live in a fast-paced world. Multi-tasking, racing to do it all, see it all, consume it all, it's no wonder that sometimes we make decisions that prove not to be in our favor. It's no wonder that sometimes, we wake to find ourselves in a rut, the binding so seamless that it's hard to envision the pathway OUT.

Getting unstuck is a bit like unraveling a complex knot.

The first step is to take a breath, feeding the cells in your brain so that frustration doesn't consume you.

The next step is to slow down time.

"Slow down time???" you say.

Yes. Slow down time.

Imagine preparing to swing your golf club. You breathe in, then exhale, keeping your head completely still as you swing the club through its arc, watching the club head strike the ball as if in slow motion. Your head only turns after the ball sails through the air, seeking its new residence. In the space of your exhale, you've slowed down time so that you could implement the optimal solution.

Back to the knot.

After that breath, you take the knot mass in hand and you slow down time, studying how the thread entangled itself, watching it as if it were a cart rocketing through a roller coaster. As you envision the path it has taken, it becomes clearer where your efforts must begin.

One step at a time, you disentangle the web of knots with painstaking calm and persistence. Freeing the last thread, the warm exuberance of success spreads over you.

Our busy lives can be much like the complex web of knots when we get stuck.

In order to free ourselves from the unseemly mass, we must first breathe. Fueled with oxygen and beginning to relax, we can then slow down time and bring a singular focus to the problem at hand. With renewed laser vision, we are then able to observe, studying the ways in which we became stuck. Listing the obstacles, we can then determine which challenge to resolve first. One by one, we allow the implementation of solutions, whether traditional or out of the box, until we have moved through the web and into a clear field. There, we can finally embrace the exhilaration of true freedom and honor our efforts to not only move through frustration and resentment, but to take the risk to try again. Respect your persistence and courage.

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